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Application: Virus protection in indoor areas

Virus protection indoor areas

  • NCA with its partners University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) and Combustion Flow Solutions (CFS) have developed a concept for virus protection in rooms. The aim is to achieve the most vertical flow possible by extracting air at the ceiling and recirculating it near the floor, thus minimising the exchange of air between people. The effectiveness of this approach was demonstrated in a pilot installation in a classroom at the Rudolf Steiner Special School in Lenzburg.
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Application: Virus protection in lift cabins

Virus protection lift cabins

  • In a test lift of the company Emch Aufzüge AG in Bern, a lift cabin was equipped with a corresponding system. A filter/blower unit was installed on the roof, which extracts air from the cabin through perforated plates on the cabin ceiling. The filtered air is led through a duct on the outside of the cabin to the cabin floor, where it is re-introduced into the cabin. Results show that the horizontal dispersion in the cabin is re-duced very efficiently.
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Application: "Baldachin", virus protection in patient rooms

Virus protection patient room

  • Based on the concept for virus protection in rooms, a concept has been developed for use with hospital beds. Here, the air exhaled by the patient is extracted above the bed in a kind of baldachin, filtered and returned below the bed. The picture on the left shows a schematic of the system: the air is extracted through perforated tubes above the bed. A Plexiglas hood prevents air exchange further up. In the two supports on the left and right of the bed, the extracted air is fed to the filter and blower and blown out again at the bottom behind the bed. The system can be easily folded and thus transported on wheels.
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