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26th ETH-NPC, 2023NanoCleanAir at the 26th ETH Nanoparticles Conference (NPC), June 20-22, 2023

NanoCleanAir booth:

NCA booth at the 26th ETH Nanoparticles Conference (NPC), 2023

Traffic Aerosols and Bioarosols, we can eliminate both. Starting 2020 we have demonstrated this in classrooms, in elevator cabins and in hospitals to protect both: uninfected patients from one infected or one freshly operated partient from all pathogenic particles and germs which may be around as aerosols.
A new ceramic cell filter with very high surface/bulk and a pore structure which traps even 50 nm viruses by 99.9999 % makes it possible and offers many options like active charcoal gas adsorption, periodic hot sterilisation, catalysis with simple cleaning and endless life, a closed circuit technology. The Baldachin-design was exhibited and is already in place in medical studies.
NanoCleanAir GmbH offers a completely new approach for clean air – really clean from traffic related carcinogens as well as pathogenic bioaerosols custemised.


Aerodynamics and Filtration Conditions for Bio-Aerosol Protection shown for the NanoCleanAir® Baldachin, a Hospital Bed Protection System for an Intermediate Care Setting (ppsx)
Mayer J., Burtscher H., Lutz T., Czerwinsky J., Mayer R., Mayer, A. (NCA) Specht, P. (FHNW); Lämmle, C. (CFS); Jent, P. (Insel Hospital), Feld, H.-J.; Legerer, F.; Frey J. (Uni.Bern)


NanoCleanAir Indoor Air Cleaning Systems:

  1. - NanoCleanAir® Baldachin,
  2. - NanoCleanAir® Room Protection System,
  3. - NanoCleanAir® Elevator Protection System




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